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You’re entering a world of pain, Smokey (at The Painted Pin)

I can think of worse places to kill your liver at while the sun is still out (at The Family Dog)

Want ice cream? There’s an app for that. #ubericecream #vscocam (at Turner Broadcasting (Techwood Office))

Found this in my camera roll so here you go. Dolly Parton pinball machine. #latergram (at Joystick Gamebar)

Fun fact: in 1872, Charleston lawmakers declared the use of Instagram filters illegal and redundant. (at The Battery)

🎀🎡 and I’m proud to be an… 🎡🎀 (at The American Theater)


Stay tuned for a 5 minute sneak peek from The Last Ship premiere this Sunday at 9/8c! Here’s a clip from the action-packed scene!


If you need a bite in Gainesville, make it this place. (at 2 Dog)

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